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How To: Checking your ATF by

Are you finding that your automatic car or truck is having trouble shifting? Before you scare yourself into expensive transmission repairs, consider just checking your fluid levels.

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How To: Safely Lifting Your Car or Truck by

Getting under your vehicle to change the oil is relatively painless – as long as you do it the right way. When vehicles are lifted, they can pose a danger if they are not supported properly. To keep you and your vehicle safe, here is a quick safety lesson on the proper use of hydraulic jacks.

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Fuses - Your First Stop for Electrical Problems by

Electrical issues can be frustrating. Something just suddenly stops working, and there’s rarely any indication of a problem. Where do you even start? Before taking your vehicle to a shop, see if the problem is tied to a fuse.

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How To: Basic Spark Plug Replacement by

Replacing your spark plugs is a vital component to any tune up. Whether you’re a new car owner – or you’re just deciding to handle your own car care – knowing how to properly get those plugs in and out is essential.

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How To: Spark Plug Gapping by

Spark plug gapping is overlooked so often, yet it’s a vital step in almost every tune up. So let’s take a look at how to measure and adjust the gap on a spark plug.

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