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How To: Checking Tire Pressure by

Perhaps the most silent killer of fuel economy is low tire pressure. If your tires are low on air that means more rubber is hitting the pavement – which drastically shortens the life of your tires, by the way! To keep this from happening to you, here’s a step by step guide to checking your tire pressure!

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4 Steps to Help you Travel more Miles per Gallon by

When your car or truck requires maintenance, the first symptom you’ll notice is declining fuel economy. Then your vehicle just isn’t putting in the miles it should, here’s a few things to do first.

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Pre-Trip Safety Checklist by

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time for family vacations and long distance road trips. You might be ready for adventure, but is your vehicle? Before setting out onto the road, complete this simple checklist to make sure your ride is a safe one.

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How To: Changing Your Oil by

By this point, we’ve explored the important components of an oil change: your oil and your oil filter. Now, let’s cover the basics of an oil change.  

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Ladies Day: The Emergency Blanket by

This month we’re adding something a little different to your roadside emergency kids. Instead of focusing on your car, we want to focus on you. So get ready to step up your survival game with a free emergency blanket.

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