If you’re going to be working with any kind of hazardous material,  you have got to make sure you utilize protective equipment. Especially, protective eyewear.

You can never underestimate the importance of your eyes. It’s with ours eyes that we interact with the world around us. You’re reading this article with your eyes! I saw this with confidence because our blog doesn’t have accompanying audio yet. All it takes is a misguided splash of brake cleaner or a fleck of battery corrosion to render you blind for hours – if you’re lucky.

Don’t think we’re being overly cautious.

One day, I was swapping out a battery for a customer. I did everything right. I was wearing gloves, and I had protective goggles over my glasses. I popped the hood of the car and was greeted by battery  terminals so corroded, they looked like the kind of mold you’d expect to find inside a dorm room refrigerator. I wet down the corrosion, then removed what I could using a battery brush. I loosened the nuts on the battery terminals. Then, just as I was lifting the clamp from the battery, a breeze flew through that parking lot.

Despite two kinds of eyewear, just enough corrosion was able to be picked up by that wind and fly into my eye. It was a perfect storm. One that left me blind in my right eye for three hours.

We can only imagine how much worse that could have been if the safety goggles hadn’t been there to block the bulk of the mess.

Don’t risk your eyes because goggles look goofy. Always wear your protective eyewear when dealing with any kind of chemical.