Another month, another Ladies Day.

Our theme this year has been focused on building a roadside emergency it – because you never know what could happen when you’re on the road. We call them accidents for a reason. Almost every roadside emergency checklist is going to include some reference to basic hand tools. But who has the space for that? If you’re packing for a road trip, you know you’re more focused on where the dog will sit.

We took this into consideration in planning our roadside essentials. That’s why this Ladies Day we’re giving away compact multi-tools.

Our multi-function tool is actually thirteen tools in one. It includes the very basic hand tools – pliers and both slotted & Philips head screwdrivers. It also incorporates wire cutters – for electrical repairs. The other functions make this tool great for camping as well as emergencies, as it comes with a small saw and can opener.

For any emergency roadside kit – or doomsday prepper – a multi-function tool is an essential asset in saving time and saving space in your car or truck.

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