Gloves. They’re the ultimate necessary evil.

It doesn’t matter if you choose cloth or rubber – latex or no – they’re clunky. Whatever dexterity you thought you had before is now gone. That nut you were threading on by hand? Prepare to drop it and probably lose it forever. And you just know you’re going to take them off later because they make your hands sweat.

Well don’t!

Don’t take those gloves off.

Wearing gloves is the best way to protect your hands. Your skin is your largest organ, and it can only protect you if you do your part to protect it. We know our skin is absorbent. That’s how moisturizers disappear and why our fingers prune in the bath. So imagine what your body is absorbing when you’re spraying brake cleaner on a pair of rotors – and you’ve already got a stripe of grime going up your arm.

Wearing rubber gloves keeps those chemicals from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Sweaty palms are a minor problem compared to the health issues they prevent.

Reinforced gloves actively protect your hands from physical damage. We see mechanics split their knuckles or cut their palms because of inadequate protection. Not only are these injuries painful and unsightly, they’re also open doors for infection. Your skin does you no good if those harsh chemicals have a direct route to your bloodstream.

Mechanics’ gloves have reinforced knuckles designed to protect your hands from the abuse of automotive work. And rubber gloves provide a layer of protection between you and harmful chemicals. It’s more than just keeping your hands from injury. Keeping your hands healthy means keeping yourself healthy.

So, for your health, remember to always wear gloves when performing automotive work.