Replacing – or, at the very least, inspecting – your distributor cap and rotor is an essential part of any tune up. Both the cap and rotor are responsible for distributing electricity to your spark plugs. This means your cap and rotor undergo a lot of wear. Avoid misfires by replacing them at the first sign of wear.

The distributor cap is secured to the distributor by a number of screws. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the screws. Don’t remove the spark plug wires from the cap yet! First, completely remove the cap from the distributor. Then move the wires from the towers on the old cap to the corresponding towers on the new cap – one at a time! Moving the wires one at a time eliminates any chance of mismatching the wires and disrupting the firing order of your motor.

Now set the cap aside. Nothing in particular holds the rotor in place. If you pull away from the distributor, the rotor should come away. The new rotor is installed by simply pressing it onto the shaft of the distributor. The slot on the underside of the rotor is irregularly shaped, so there is no chance of misaligning the rotor.

Once the rotor is installed, place the distributor cap back in place and secure it using the screws.

Then you’re done!