4 Steps to Help you Travel more Miles per Gallon

When your car or truck requires maintenance, the first symptom you’ll notice is declining fuel economy. Then your vehicle just isn’t putting in the miles it should, here’s a few things to do first.

  • Consider a fuel system cleaner.
    • It can be easy for grime and other deposits to build up over time. Running a fuel system cleaner will increase flow, so fuel gets to where you need it to be.
  • Invest in quality spark plugs.
    • If fuel isn’t burned properly, your vehicle won’t get the mileage it should. Spark plugs wear down over time, so making sure your plugs are replaced regularly will keep your mileage from taking a hit.
  • Keep your filters clean.
    • Like your fuel system, your air and fuel filters can accumulate debris. Replacing these filters regularly allows for smooth fuel intake and also takes pressure off your engine – or doesn’t make your engine work as hard – increasing the life span of other components under the hood.
  • Check your tire pressure.
    • Your tires are designed to run at a certain air pressure. Underinflated tires need to rotate more times than properly inflated tires to travel the same distance. Keeping your tires at an appropriate PSI – or pounds per square inch – will ensure that your tires wear properly, and you’ll travel further.